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                RONGCHENG SUBSIDIARY Food
                Our Peanuts Factory under RONGCHENG SUBSIDIARY Food Co.,LTD established in 1985, is an integrated peanuts company with its business scope of planting, oral material processing and peanuts food production, over the past 15 years, this company accumulated rich experiences both in processing and export, and there are steady clients for buying raw peanuts and its production not only domestic but also in Japan, Europe, Middle East and Southern-East Asia, from whom we get highly appreciation and good reputations.
                "AA" Grade Green Food Certification
                ISO9000 Quality System Certification
                HACCP Authentication
                Peanuts Base
                Self-owned base
                Leasing companies in Rongcheng peanut production area of 1000 acres of land, 15 year lease, building its own peanut base.
                Organic base
                Companies in the local construction of 1000 acres of organic base.
                Hot Products